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At York.TechTribe.UK we are celebrating digital creativity over the city of York and neighbouring areas. So whether if your a beginner having a go at making a game in Scratch [a child friendly programming language] or building your very first, or second, or third robot, we want to know!

We are also here to support you and support events and activities. Get in touch!

Best wishes,

The York.TechTribe.UK team x

Raspberry Pi

Looking for digital making activities in York?

York Pi Jam, who also run York.TechTribe.UK, organise free digital making events, called Jam’s, for children and adults in York providing activities and support everyone to learn digital making skills. Check out their super handy website for details and tickets…

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We’re currently rebranding York.TechTribe.UK so have a look at how we’re doing below:

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